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We need those trio (Bulbul, Akram, Nannu) to return to the national team as batting advisers.

Bulbul is currently in Australia, Akram stays in Chittagong (probably) most of his times that when he's not playing cricket, and Nannu is busy with his cricket academy (probably).

What we need, is for them to just sit somewhere once a week when the national team is not on a tour, and just have a nice chat with the national players, - you know, just say hi, how things were before, and now how things are now, what kind of difficulties that they used to face, and the difficulties that the current players are facing, how to get rid of these difficulties, give their 'friendly' suggestions etc.

It is not only them, but also the other players who have played Test cricket - like Enamul Haque Moni, Naimur Rahman Durjoy to just come and have a chit-chat with the current players once a month, if not once a week.

But the main question is, who will arrange this? The board? They'd probably say - Khaya Daya kam nai, khamakha jhamela. So may be it could be a voluntary thing to do?
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