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Mile 22 was okay. My review from the comment section here.

It's a nuanced product from your typical spy thriller genre. In an age where pretty much Hollywood can show everything about everything and whatever is humanly imaginable and 'sci-techly' possible it is a slow buildup with subdued actions from a surprisingly restrained Iko Wais. I mean the trailer pretty much gave away all the action scenes contained.

I love the touch of childhood curiosity of Silva loving puzzle contrasted with Noor's having a childlike attachment to a meditation tool! I mean here we have two super spies pitted against each other who are both superintelligent child prodigies on their own accord if not highly lethal in the arts and arena of combat arts... and we see a softer style of a bipolar and borderline schizo Wahlberg's playing tet-a-tet chess with Iko Uwis's living boddhisattva who is not least bit amused in car when all hell broke loose in a street-turned-warzone. Not only this the entire movie is sort of a sketch - a snapshot of an op- albeit with a heavy dosage of Hollywood action apropos, but also highlights character dynamics.

Of course, the subtle touch of sketching the friendship between the characters - even though each are all cold, calculative assassins and even minor characters having their fair share of becoming ubermensch for 15 seconds (as well as the child saving scene) - highlights that this is bit of an avante garde deviation from your typical Hollywood action thriller, but a total letdown if you gon' compare it with juggernaut blockbuster like Fallout -which I have yet to watch, let alone Equalizer- as people will inevitably pay their hard-earned to get rewarded for most pun for their buck.

Two other highlights was the opening credit scene which itself compacts a whole movie scheme as well as the brutal, cold calculative QB-like coordination from Malcovich who is not-the-least bit slow to quickly improvise and react when not waxing odes as backdrop to murderous orchestra like god playing chess with apparently invisibile lives from above. (Albeit Jason Bournesque.)
I am curious if Equalizer 2 is worth it. That's like 'my' kinda movie. MI: Fallout is too mainstream for me. And of course waiting for Upgrade with Logan Marshall - my newest man crush.

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