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Originally Posted by R0ssei
Not movies, but you can watch Sacred Games (Hindi TV series), a Neiflix original, based on a thriller novel. It stars Saif Ali and Nawazuddin and is rated very high on both IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.

I wouldn't recommend a Hindi content unless I seriously liked it, I would rate it 8.5/10 based on its first 8 episodes.
After 2 recommendation on this thread.. i decided to log into my netflix after 6 months and decided to give it a try last week. I enjoyed maybe first 3 to 4 episodes then it started feeling a lot like Indian dramas with poor plot or plot that do not make sense...

But while searching for something to watch.. this is what I found. Very good plot. And I got hooked. After a long time i felt like watching one episode after the other...

Money Heist.

It's originally a spanish drama series but it has english dub at netflix. It takes an episode to get used to the non lip matching.. but then it can be easily ignored.

Try it if anyone is looking for a new series.

Finisbhed the first part... So i thoought i shaare
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