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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
That was for later seasons. I have said that all along. I even mentioned it in the last page.

I love that idea auction and signing as much as you do. But we already started the season and the draft, introducing new ideas now will just complicate things. I don't why you are coming up with all these new ideas at this point.

Do any of you players want to do what Sohel NR is saying? Hey I don't mind. If all of you guys are up for it, lets go ahead. I leave it up to the people. Your call guys.
Edited in more comments in my post.

You're the Founder & CEO and you must decide this. I give you 30 minutes before my possible resignation. MLC is the ONLY FL I signed up for here because it is American, and I expected it to follow American norms and intricacies. Anything else isn't worth my interest or time.

If it comes to that, then I'll post my resignation here and in the MLC Board of Directors Thread I've just created.
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