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but comparing him to GWB is a little too far-fetched in this case!
You do realize that I didn't really compare Schumacher to GWB, bur rather used your own logic on GWB to show that I don't really find that kind of reasoning appealing. That's all. It's not about protraying Schumi as GWB, but about the "not-making-sense" part of your statements.

And I don't know why people think that I am offended all the time, just because I reply showing what I think is wrong in some comment.


Back to F1, I read that they heavily changed the rules and with them, Schumacher is apparently not so invincible any more. This could be an interesting season. May be I will start watching again. Sad thing is, I know next to nothing about the new drivers that have come out recently.

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