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Originally Posted by ahnaf
Its just amazing to see,people want to give anamul more time before judging him and yet cant even wait for the end of this series to judge ayub... Whats anamul main strength? His tendency to play long innings once he settle down.. As if,auyb didnot played enough long innings in the last few domestic season..

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Anamul didn't get judged at first? Where have you been bhai? People judged him after scoring a century saying he played more for himself than the team!

I see that you see and MoC especially are sensitive about the judgement of players. You guys have to understand that in this day in age, the fans are very reactionary nowadays and every player gets put under a microscope on every single thing they do. I guess you can blame social media for that. That's just the way it is. Nothing you can really do about it and nothing to get upset about.

There's a reason why athletes in General have so much more pressure nowadays than in the past.
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