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Originally posted by tehsin
Abhs ... yeah, if it was upto me, I would have picked the shahids of 71 as number one.

These ranking was based on voting ?
I might also rank the same. It is not justified that Vasha Shahids will be added in the list, but Shahids of 1971 will not get a place.

BBC Bangla invited votes for the best Bangalee from Feb 11 to March 22, 2004. Everyone was allowed to list 5 persons.

Although they mentioned that the list was based on the voting, they never mentioned (if I did not miss) about the total number of votes, or individual votes for each position.

I just have the feeling that they did not conduct it in a unscientific way and the positions might have been fixed in the table, not by the votes. I am sure, some would think otherwise.

Some voters just made fun and they also broadcasted it. Some described themselves to be the best Bengalee for the reason that none of the best to us could complete the tasks of their dream and the voter can find the unfinished tasks and will finish to be the best. One even voted MirZafar as the all time best Bengali, since we, all in our everyday life try to be the best "Mir Zafar". There were some other such opinions.

Anyway, the 1st position went to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

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