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I don't see any point in having an all Bengali "All Time Best" polling.

At the least, the header should change to -

"Most Impacting Bangladeshis."

In that way, names such as Gholam Azam can come in without grief or horror or panic.

Now the challenge will to decide on some names who are clearly sourced out off West Bengal, but have had an ever-lasting impact, even on independent Bangladesh. To lessen the debate, these individuals should have passed away before the independence of BD, or otherwise there ought to not be any debate in the first place (Poet Tagore is one name that comes to mind).

Also, to stay focused, we should separately mention the Shaheeds of '71, and the martyrs of '52 ! Doing so will keep the main list restricted to individuals only.

This list will also help us put the spot-light on other individuals whose contributions have never been spot-lighted because of our existing political bickerings.

Ofcourse, one would also think that this effort would most likely degenerate into something similar.
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