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Originally posted by bd_cricket
I don't think 1971 shaheeds and freedon fighters got a place in the survey, wondering why NOT? May be they were not in the initial list prepared by BBC- I don't know.
a good point. this give me some light about how golam azam got a place in the list. BBC prepared an initial list. we don't know how long that list was. but now, its quite clear that it did include golam azam but did not include '71 shahids! does anyone else find the clue too. its very likely that this list was prepared by a group of bangladeshi people. or could be just one person, in that case it become even more clear. now, if one of them (or that person) was a fan of this guy, in other word, another rajakar, he can easily add golam azam's name and leave '71 heros. and give his vote to golam azam. done! i can't think of any other explanation than this.
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