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Originally Posted by M.H.Rubel
This election will be a major concern not only for Americans but also the whole world.If Obama is elected again it will bring huge balance in the whole world.
Can any one say what's gonna happen?How much popular Obama is?
Its going to be very close. Even Obama's campaign admitted that it will be a long hard battle. Looks like he will win at the end but November is still far and any controversy/scandal can rapidly change the scenarios.

check out the latest poll here (

US politics changed a lot in terms of priority. Foreign policy and involvement dominated Bush's 8 years of presidency. But focus has changed and domestic issues matters most and can sway votes.

Economy is the biggest concern. Then there is tax rates, healthcare and other social issues such as immigration and gay rights. Both Obama and Romney are addressing these issues and they barely address international issues. People now care very less about what's happening in Europe or Middle East. Major foreign policy concern is China and that ties to economic growth.

So I don't think the rest of the world will be affected that much by the outcome of this election. Even if Romney wins, he can't ignore domestic issues and change international landscape.
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