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Originally Posted by iDumb
Did you read his post ? I think you are failing to realize what kind of investor he is . To me he is leaning toward income generating value investor type. They are goal is not really to sell .

But you are wasting a lot of time instead of getting ur money working. I am just surprised ur regret hasn't kicked in yet despite being in market know how for few years now .

Recession would be a good time to add to ur position . Doesn't mean u wait for it while market takes off. It's not one time all case .... U can always buy in increments .

What is it that u are actually doing with ur money ? Property ? Business . Then it's ok. But if it's sitting in bank and u don't need it ... I am not you sure that is a good idea
I’m at a crucial stage in my career. The decision is not easy.
There are three options: Property, Business or stocks.

To be frank, I’m not sure which way to go.
At the moment, I’m inclining towards stocks, but waiting for the right timing to minimise the risk as much as possible.

Allah knows the best. And time will unfold what decision I make.
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