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Boeng (BA) should take a hit tomorrow. This is the second 737max crash their new plane that's been ordered by various airlines. During the indonesia crash i remember they had ordered so many - but post crash BA released statement saying the plane is ok.

Now the ethiopian plane crash. Can not be coincidence. It's a problem with the make. China orders to stop using boeng 737 max. Guess all the 737 orders will be cancelled. the rest should be grounded.

I dont know man, if I owned the stock, i would dump it at open after all this run. One of my biggest regret was never to own this despite being a big fan of this company forever. But I would not want to hold it now personally.. it's a matter of time those orders are cancelled. I would if i was in charge of purchase until shi* is more clear.

Also there is a question of image. Ppl will avoid airlines/routes that is flying that plane model. And if the planes are not grounded and God forbid another plane goes down - there is gonna be massive lawsuits... ppl after airlines - and airlines against Boeng.

And BA will likely drag down the whole market as well.

Sad for all the human losses ..likely from some sort of human error.
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