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Originally Posted by SportingBD
I have a question. This Company had a deficit of 286 million
once you start asking tough questions and trying to analyze a company and what its worth (everyone should be doing this prior to buying,shorting, trading or even entertainingt the thought it) - "stock of the day" loses its glamor. It becomes WORK. Hard work and u wanna get paid for it at the end of the day.

thats why i hate reading posts where ppl throw 10 different stock ticker.. often times they don't even know what some of the companies do.

I rather talk about 1 stock for a week.. dissect it in and out.. and then after all that .. decide if it's worth going for it.

Anyways, this year , i will be trying to time some LYFT stock purchase when they go IPO soon.. can't wait. UBER despite all that hope never ipoed for me in time.. it's too mature now.

I am still having hard time understanding the price movements of one world's stock and that's where I get flustered. Companies shouldn't move 7% either way without a reason. But it's a good growth sector they are in.. apparently growing each quarter over quarter and probably maybe at some point be a buy out candidate. It would take me at least a week of intense research to fully understand a company. Too time consuming that's why i don't like new companies than those i am already familiar with - where u find opportunieties very frquently anyway.
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