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Originally Posted by Shingara
Those J10's look like a knock-off of Tornado & Eurofighter combined.
How much are the unit costs compared to MIgs ? What do you say about the Grypens, Vixen ?
In mid-80s, its believe to be when Israel IAI Lavi cancel the Lavi project becoz Israel got the F-16s from america. on that time Chinese got the blue print of this jet.

here are the Isreal IAI Lavi prototypes -

later thn Chinese modified the design little bit more according to thre requirements.
Chinese are not stupid, they have inducted 340+ Units of this jet for some reason.

Cost per Unit-

J-10s - 25 to 27 million USD ( AESA radar )
MIG-29 - 22 to 25 million USD
JF-17 - 25 to 28 million USD ( AESA )
F/A-18 - 29 to 32 million USD
Gripen - 30 to 55 million USD ( AESA )

Cost difference of J-10s and Mig-29 is becoz the AESA radar, which is the must in aircraft combat.

Even F-16s have no AESA radar till Blcok-60s, which is the latest one they sold to UAE.

IMO, for a customer, J-10 is a good 4+ Gen fighter compared to US/NATO aircrafts with no strings attached.
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