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Default My turn! my turn! :)

So finally I get a chance to say something abt myself... (was secretly hopin someone would get this thread back up )

Ok lets see, I am Sami... born and brought up in Dhaka but right now in germany (Note: a country I despise). I am 18 and doing my second year in Uni majoring in Elec Eng and Comp Science...

Well abt cricket... I was more into football till the 1992 cricket WC. My dad wanted me to be more interested in cricket (dunno why though... for some unknown reason, he hates it when I play any sports) so he got me this big poster with all the captains from that tourney... and been hooked to cricket ever since. I was in my school team (dhanmondi tutorial) for the Nirman School tournament in Dhaka and right now play as the opening bowler of my Uni (believe it or not, there is a Cricket League called the North German Cricket League and surprisingly there is an all german cricket team there). Played in a few frindlies and some lame indoor tournaments (6 a side) for my Uni...

I guess thats quite a big intro... but i love to talk abt myself :P

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