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Originally Posted by tiger1000
1 - Trout - Won the fight with Jab, straight to the body, Won on Workrate

2 - Canelo - Landed better punches, Better Combination

3 - Trout - Outboxed Canelo, good movement

4 - Canelo - Landed the better punches won a even round towards the end

5 - Trout - Won simply on workrate, threw alot of nothing punches - Close round

6 - Canelo - Trout had workrate on his side, but Alvarez landed enough clean punches to even it up, won the round on Defence - Close round

7 - Canelo - 10-8, better punches + KD

8 - Trout - outjabbed and outworked S.A

9 - Canelo - Both men exchanged good punches, Canelo with the cleaner punches, again better defence

10- Trout - outworked Canelo, Canelo with the better punches, but in this round Quantity>Quality

11- Canelo - Landed the better punches, Outboxed Trout, seemed to stun him towards the end aswell

12- Trout - outworked Canelo

Total 114 - 113 - Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez, although close on the cards, I only see one winner and that is Alvarez, He landed the better punches, showed better Defence and offence. Trout simply had workrate on his side. Trout Even admitted he lost to the better man and he did. No way did Trout win that fight.

Alvarez won 5 clear rounds, Trout won 5, 2 were close, I gave them 1 Each (just the way it turned out)

Face touches or grazes are also effective punches - Am going have to correct, they dont, thats not a subjective thing, thats just something you have got wrong, effective punches are clean punches, if any connects were the case, Joe Calzaghe would have never lost a round.

This fight was anything but One sided, for either fighter.

Ring generalship - Canelo controlled where the fight took place, he decided if was going to fight off the ropes or in the center of the ring.

Defence, is not simply about not getting hit - thats amateur style scoring, in the pro ranks, defence includes the actual punches, Trout simply did not land anything of significance in the whole fight, Canelo had the superior defence - as Trout admitted in The post fight conference. JMM is seen as having a great defence, check his punch states because he has been hit quite a few times. James toney, his defence is seen as an ATG, but he also gets clipped, but that only leads to hard counter shots in return

You are ranking work rate too highly, 1 solid punch > 3 grazed punches, I have been in the ring, let me tell you I rather take 5 grazing punches than 1 solid clean punch.

Also remember Canelo did not try his hardest, He was so far ahead on the judges scorecards he didnt need to win the rounds - Thats why I hat open Scoring. Judges had the fight wrong, but neither fighter won by more than a point.

Thanks for that lengthy explanation. Especially that round by round break down.

You will have noticed that Trout had good defense too, throughout the match, getting caught only when exchanging, not on the outside. Even that jab that knocked him down was in a exchange. But of course Canelo had more opportunities to show off his defense, because Trout was just throwing that many jabs! You go out there with that strategy, to totally outvolume the other guy with jabs,so that you pull ahead in volume despite a poor conversion rate, then I give you credit for that strategy.

Also Canelo was aggressive, but for every bit of aggression, I saw Trout changing his angles on him at each corner, thus turning him beautifully. This should count as ring general ship.

I stick to my scorecard of 117-110 for Trout. I gave rounds 8 and 11 to Canelo. And the 7th round was a 9-9 round to me , as I saw Trout coming back strongly after that knock down. And I see you gave the 8th round to Trout, which just goes to show how subjective this whole judging business is.

I will concede one thing though. I was very surprised to see the compubox stats at the end of the fight at how efficient Canelo was with his punching. The guy simply doesn't waste any punches! And the numbers matched up pretty evenly, but I think compubox doesn't count face touches or it shouldn't have been that close.

To me planting the glove on the face without sinking it in and retracting it, is very noble. Good way to rack up points without giving the other guy brain hemorrhage for life. I reward it highly.

Of course harder punches should carry heavier influence, but only when done in a sufficient volume like all of Marquez's punches against Manny. From what I saw, Canelo simply wasn't throwing $hit! He was landing though when he threw,but that's not the point. His inactivity cost him the match, in my humble eyes.
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