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Originally Posted by Roey Haque
I had 1st one 114-110 to Pac, 2nd one 115-112 to Pac, 3rd one 115-113 to Marquez,4th one 48-45 to Pac.

By the way, that 4th fight was the toughest match to score. I was splitting my hair just trying to score each round. Thank God Marquez KOed him,otherwise the scores could have been 120-108 in either direction! LOL

The 3rd fight was the easiest to score. Yes the final score was close. But it was so clear who won each round.
3rd fight - JMM was clearly the better fighter, but just the way scoring is, I had it 6-4 JMM going into the last round, he just gave away the fight in my opinion
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