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How did you score Trout-Canelo?

I thought Trout was robbed. Yes scoring is subjective, but I will be not apologetic for how I score as I've been scoring them a long time and most of the time my card is identical or very similar to Harold Lederman.(not saying he is the best, but much better than the judges ringside)
I had it 117-110 for Trout.

Face touches or grazes are also effective punches,people forget this. Trout outlanded Canelo with his jabs almost every round. Defense, ring generalship and aggressiveness don't even come into question because of how much Trout touched Canelo. And in any case, if you can prove one of those factors in favor of Canelo, I can easily prove another of those factors in favor of Trout. Anyway, in a one sided fight like this, those shouldn't even matter.

Terrible commentating by showtime( having Canelo ahead), terrible broadcasting(just showing all of Canelo's punches), terrible judges obviously, and last but not least terrible fans who just ride the most popular bandwagon and don't trust their eyes.
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