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Originally Posted by CricFanBD
Yeah, His intention was doubt about that, but I think he talked with the Linesman, not the main Referee and the main Referee blew the whistle without hearing Ikar's request...3 minutes injury time was already reached.

But from the professional point of view, Ikar could not do this such of is the Referee who would control the game. If Iker really wanted to show respect to Italy..he could send a message to his teammates after scoring the 3rd goal (about set back a little)...not to the referee and requested a meaningless request.
Yes it was a linesman not a ref. But Iker is the captain and thus represents the whole team. He just said to show respect, he didn't force him. It was upto the officials to take the opinion or not. Moreover, it was a meaningless injury time, that couldn't affect the outcome of the game in any way. And the ref and linesman are always in constant contact through their wireless microphones..
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