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Default Shubho Rahman Khan

A few of you will already know me, the newer ones won't, as I have been away from banglacricket for a while.

I'm 24 years old, born and brought up in Austria (NOT Australia) by Bangladeshi parents. Spent five years in London, UK first studying, then working as a boring, boring auditor. Now work for the UN, but not for long, as I'm moving to Canada to study again.

My connection to cricket? Believe it or not, when they kicked off youth cricket in Austria, I represented my school at the few tournaments that were organized. Indoor, six a side stuff with tennis balls. Things have improved a bit; they even have a national team now, but I'm not in it, so who gives a rat's a**.

Good to see banglacricket continues to grow.

By the way, WisdenVoice, is your esteemed magazine finally toning down the anti-Bangladesh rhetoric? I hope the days of destructive criticism (bashing Bangla for the heck of it) are over.
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