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Perhaps, you're underestimating my knowledge of boxing a little. Yes, I do appreciate the technique involved in boxing and am aware that this bloodsport is considered by its advocates as "the noble art". To me it is anything but noble. In a nutshell, boxers are trained to knockout the opponent by throwing punch or a number of punches to the head, particularly, the temple. I am sure you can understand how that could lead to fatality or serious brain damage. Even a boxing great such as Ali is a victim of this "sport". Many boxers have died in the rings. Life is more important than a sport.

Look, boxing is nothing but a bloodsport for the entertainment of the elite. You don't see the "nobles" bloodying it out in the is inevitably the young men from lower socio-economic class. Don't you think the days of gladiators, emperors and amphitheatres are long over?!
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