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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
I suggest playing video games. That's how I learned the rules of hockey as a 8/9 year old, playing 2D hockey games on a floppy on a 386. Then there was the NHL chain by EA in my mid teens. Unfortunately, that was about the kind of access we could get back in Bangladesh as the NHL games were either at inconvenient times or not available on the satellite channels we'd get.

Things got better when I moved to Canada at 18, but I admit having the Maple Leafs to support ensures that the Stanley Cup doesn't quite cut it for me. That's why international hockey is so special; and of course also because it's so much faster, more intense and competitive. This one stood out because we won't have the NHL stars in 2014.
Well, I am sure the NHL players will be back. Cause you wont see this type of hockey without them.

Spoke too soon about the ceremonies though. They brought out some of the crappiest artist till that french chick and now Kos. woo kos.
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