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Originally Posted by Beamer
However, I am not at all informed on how politicized the Military and Strategic brass of India really is.
Military and strategic analysts in India are not politicised but depend upon the political class for the approval of their strategies/actions and often have strong contempt for political intervention in the decision-making - something that happens a little too much in India. As an example, there have been numerous strong vetoes from PM's office sabotaging hot-pursuits into foreign territories to catch or eliminate the terrorists and the analysts feel that much of the terror-related problem today is because of the soft-image of the Indian security forces as percieved by the terrorists.

I feel such vetoes or interventions by the political class is often necessary as some actions have national and international ramifications. At the same time, it is also true that too much intervention leads to lot of frustration and confusion among the decision-makers and further emboldens the enemy camps.
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