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Originally Posted by Beamer
BDR never indulges in misadventurism. To the contrary, its the BSF, a criminal organization that is responsible for over 3000+ death over the last few years. If you are talking about the instance when BSF soldiers were killed during the last AL regime, let me point it out to you that BSF ventured into the BD territory and was on the act of terrorizing villagers which they frequently do, and perished. lets have some facts right first.

As i said, that was the point of view friom the Indian side and i am sure it will be diametrically opposite to the one held on the BD side. And i am not delving into that - this is not the thread or the time or the occassion. The simple point was, military and strategic top-brasses in India find BNP regime far easier to tackle than AL regime as an AL regime is often accompanied by lot of political pressure since AL govt. is supposed to be India friendly.

In actuallity, Wwether it is the AL govt or the BNP govt, or whether it is the Congress or the BJP will have very little impact on the relationship between the two countries - each of the two countries have their self-interests that conflict directly with the other and given the paucity of resources, as long as outstanding issues don't get a mutually acceptable closure, differences and frictions will be inevitable. I was only mentioning that contrary to the perception, BNP at the helm of the affairs makes life lot more easier for the Indian security forces and the top-brasses.
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