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Originally Posted by Kabir
Most highways in Germany?

I can visualize cars flying all around in US under such conditions.
Funny thing is the accident rate is much much lower than USA. 1st reason is they don't give license to 16 year olds. And people r very careful cause they know some one is driving over 130 m.. I was in a BMW which drove almost in its full limit. (It is in Killo so i don't remember how much was it) and i took the picture of the speed meter where the pointer is at the very end... even in that speed we had to give pass to a porche which just flew by us...

I think the main problem is the yellow plate cars. German plates r white but when you see a yellow one that means they came from Holland and they drive like novice and German drivers get cautious automatically...
I also drove in the racing road where F1 races take places with the BMW in weekend. had to pay 45 mark which is around 20 dollars for one round... but it was price less....
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