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I've been hearing about those stats after the SB but as the play was happening it just didn't pass the eye test for me. I know it all transpired in the blink of an eye but I didn't like a few things about it-- unlike many other good teams in the league that have very good receivers the passing game isn't exactly Seattle's forte, the running game is. Wilson had thrown so many interceptions in the last couple of games it felt risky watching the ball thrown in a somewhat crowded zone when you had so many other options. The previous play where Kearse made that impossible play I can understand the pass because the Hawks were far behind and they had to take risks to make up lost ground. But this was a different situation where the Hawks were in total control. Anyway on this play as soon as I saw the pass the first thing that came to my mind is in a pressure cooker moment like this if the pass isn't low enough the ball could easily pop out of the receivers hands and get picked off by someone else. As it turned out the not so low pass didn't pop out but gave Butler the chance to make an amazing play.
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