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Datsyuk played the whole game with an injured wrist, and was a possible scratch before the game. Didn't take a single faceoff and lost out on takeaway chances he converts close to 90% of the time. Franzen with his injured ankle will probably make way for Modano who's eager to play. Great to see our Swedish D stepping up to score. Lidstrom, Kronwall and Ericsson are finding room in the slot as the forwards get crowded. Our PK was good also and other than Abdel Kader's idiotic penalty, nothing stupid either. Eaves was outstanding in the PK.

Howard has kept us in the series so far. You only need to look at the way we've been outshot us to see why. Those 1 goal losses could very easy have been 2 or 3 goal losses, especially in the first 2 games. Helm joined Datsyuk and Zetterberg in taking quite a few chances away with their backchecking in front of Howard. Other than Salei and Stuart, the D has been solid and getting stronger.

The Preds trail 0-2 after 1. Kesler's simply too hot to handle offensively and too hard to get past defensively, especially during PPs. The way he takes the passing lanes away and blocks shots during PK reminds me of Yzerman and his students: Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Draper, other other fabled penalty killer in the Winged Wheel, has mentored Helm, Eaves and Miller well. The Preds wasted 4 PPs already, unable to get the puck to Weber at point to unleash those heavy shots. Luongo's looking solid also.
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