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Rajin is actually one of my favorite for the quality that he is determined to overcome his limitations with his hard work. His bowling is a plus. If one regular get trashed, he can cheap in a few over for him, bashar does not have to keep bowling the same bowler even if they get trashed. What we have in the team? Any right handed spinner? No. So, his bowling can come handy.
batting wise, he is the top scorer in the NCL plus, he has a good opening record. We have a choice of playing Tamim or JO or him as opener. I'd rather open with rafique than JO. Tamim is too inexperienced to open in a world cup match. I made a suggestion long time ago that SN and rajin should open. Looks like they have finally got some sense on that.

I know this team has lot of controversies. To be honest, most of them does not have much of a merit.

Most talked about one is that of KM. I think one simple question should be used to solve this: who is more likely to yield more runs? Mushifiq or pilot. I'm pretty sure their keeping will not be much of a difference.

then JO. This is my biggest concern, what is he doing in the team? If Forhad Reza/Rana was in the team instead of him, I would be 100% happy with the selection.
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