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Originally Posted by Tehsin
Any thoughts on Obama's spiritual guide? Mrs. Obama was out lecturing folks to get together and appreciate each others difference (laudable), when in reality, she has been a member of a majority African American Church for the last 20 years. A church that has a history of being racially divisive. Ek bhondo rajnitir desh theke r ek bhondo rajnitir desh e eshe porlam. Amader moto, ei desheo presidency family business er moto. Prothome Baap, tar por Pola (gazakhor, failtu, dui char ta company'r odhopotoner jonne responsible), Majhe Jamai (manush ektu roshik, kintu desh ta tao ektu shukher chilo, nijeo shukhi chilo), ekhon bou aashon e boshar jonno utola hoye aachen. Uni ei goto porshu smriti charon korte giye til ke taal kore ekhon moha jhamelai pore gechen. Ei shob bhoj bhaji dekhiye ki shondor deshtakey odhopoton er dike niye jaachche r lok joner kono khobor nei. Er cheye to amader doridro, oshikkhito, ordho shikkhito jonogono bhalo. Ontototo shobai jene shunei oi shob oshoth neta netrider khomotai aane.
Shomoy thakte Canaday immigration niye eshe poren.

HIalry clinton reminds me of Khaleda Zia whenever I see her giving a speech. She is so desperate to be the President that she has tried all and sundry that a third world politician would do. Also when she is giving her speeches she keeps nodding her head just like the wrestlers of the wwe when they try to get their fans to start cheering for them.
Obama is very eloquent and seems like a very sincere individual. He looks and behaves in a presidential manner unlike HIlary who has tried to make herself look good by smearing Obama,pura third world country er politician. HIlary would be the the GEorge Bush of the Democratic party if elected to power. I like Obama and Mccain. Both have run their campaigns sincerely not by trying to smear their opposition campaings to the extent of lying about them.

Too bad I dont have cable in my new place yet. Missing out on all the news about the US election and the Democratic primaries.
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