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কাম সারছে......

Ooops! Let's just STOP being emotional and Pathetic

DON'T we aware::
Even though WI lost only 4 wickets and scored 527 in their first innings they lost 9 wickets in 23 overs just scoring 64 runs in their 2nd innings !!!!

Our best team batting effort produced only 488 against a very weak Zimbabwe team before this match, now it is 556 against a new look much better WI

In Test Cricket History out of 251 First innings >=500 run score this is only 16th successfully overhauling >500 runs, so our boys did a wonderful job in their First Innings. We should feel proud

Although WI couldn't able to survive more than 23 overs (after the pitch started behaving a little bit different) our boys kept their head up and face WI attack for 54.3 overs in the same pitch.

Obviously if they are not advised wrongly by team management and allowed to play their natural game (what they played in their First Innings) they could chase down the runs and won the match for us.

our team need to understand they are very much capable of win it
they are getting a second chance, now they should win it.......

Go TIGERS Go........

To win a test against this WI team we should use a flat pitch with less bounce.
Abar jombay mela ...
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