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Thumbs up Day 3

End of day 3 in our rain truncated test match and thank GOD MaMu is OK. It was scary to see him carried off like that after he fell bowling a full toss. Some of us feared the worst and thank GOD our fears did not come true. Looking forward to seeing him back in action. Shorter, more aggressive spells in the second inning please ...

The day started off annoyingly. MaMu looked pedestrian and in his second over decided to go with just 1 slip and the familiar defensive field setting when the cherry was still new! Seems like the HaBa-esque gutless confusion between test and those shorter forms of the sport have become somewhat standard in the minds of our captains since then, no matter who has that honor at the moment. We also saw former skipper Ash revert back to that idiocy on more than a few occasions after showing short-lived aggression and innovation early in his alleged captaincy.

Shakib's field settings were better in comparison, especially during his own overs. He followed standard presets and made little adjustments according to the situation in the middle when he had too. But his bowler management was questionable in the beginning. Persisting with Riyad without success, introducing RBX a few overs too late, and bringing Riyad and Shahadat back into the alleged "attack" when Ash was generating huge turns, and RBX, thanks to Ash, started to hit the right length, was a baffling move.

Enam would have provided him with the option he needed and will need, and Nayeem continues to be missed with both bat and ball. He's no Mohammad Rafiq with ball in hand, but definitely smarter and a bit more threatening than Riyad, who continues to rely on fate and the odd unforced batting error to try and get wickets. But to Riyad's credit, he did have a few good overs where he generated the sort of troubling bounce that surprised even him. That made him more aggressive and put their batters on the backfoot. 3 important wickets and a hattrick ball to boot, can't ask this handsome young man for more than that. He pushed his limited abilities as much as he could and rewarded everyone with that effort. Hats off to Mohammad Mahmudullah Riyad ...

Things worked out in the end, and we're halfway to getting 20 wickets needed to win a test match. RBX's 3 wickets showed a glimpse of the fact that he's much more than the latest hype doomed from the start. That said, our unacceptable errors, especially all those no balls, added to the Windies lead which should have been less than what it became. Champaka looked pissed.

In the end, Shakib was the pick of the bowlers for me followed by Ash. Good to see them getting turn and use some of the drift offered by the steady sea breeze. Shahadat did better than expected in general, and had quite a few decent test match deliveries, hitting mid to late 70s (mph), and 80mph a couple of times. RBX didn't generate the type of lethal good swing and reverse swing we expected but that may begin change in the second innings of his test "career". He bowled at a steady range from early to mid 80s (mph) and hit 86-mph a few times. We expect both of our quickies to watch the no ball when they bowl again.

Denying Phillips his maiden test 100 on debut was and should be a boost for us. It should also be a niggle capable of constricting the Windies psyche a little bit. We can build on that by NOT throwing our wicket away the way we did in the first innings. Batting patiently and treating each delivery according to its merit can demoralize them enough for us to defend a good lead and try to bowl them out.

NOT easy tasks.

These guys, as hastily put together as they may be, are still first class cricketers from the land of the 3 Ws, Sobers-Richards-Lara, Hall-Holding-Marshall-Walsh-Ambrose and a proud tradition with its own strengths that can never be taken for granted. We have seen that in their unit cohesion already.

The short, powerfully built and weirdly underrated Roach is accurate and bowls at steady mid 80s (mph), occasionally hitting 90 mph. CarckInfo is once again wrong in its classification. Tino "Wild Thing" Best is neither as wild nor pacy as he was but can still trouble our batters with his quality and flamboyance. Sammy is always effective when you least expect it. As the VC of this "strike breaking" unit, he has a point to prove. Austin is similar to some of our slow bowlers and can lull us into those infamous unforced batting errors plaguing us since day 1. If it is a contest between his patience and that of our batters as a unit, he is likely to win 7 out of 10 times.

Phillips, Bernard and Sammy can easily find a place in the BD batting lineup and stay there. So getting 10 more in the second won't be easy.

This has been an interestingly poised, competitive test match building up to a great finale on day 5 if all goes well. A great test for our guys overcome their technical and character flaws as International cricketers and pass the test for once. This Windies team will push us to the limit.
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