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Originally Posted by Gowza
btw no warne or murali? what are the reasons for picking all those other spinners ahead of them? i go for warne in my all time team because he's a leggy that has a ton of variations but also i feel he is one of the greatest cricketers ever with his fielding and batting brought into the picture. plus warne did slightly better if you take all conditions into account, both had 2 places they didn't do well in. murali had australia (average 75) and india (average 45), warne had west indies ( average 39) and india (average 43). so warne's worst was better than murali's worst, murali will give you a slightly better strike rate overall and better average but warne isn't as bad in his weak conditions and also has his fielding and batting to add to the team. that's my reasoning for taking warne over anyone else in an all time team.

i'm guessing pollock is in the squad for his all round abilities? he was a great bowler but not right at the top imo (like walsh - i'd love to put walsh with those greats but just can't). but if he is there for his all round abilities then why not take imran or miller or hadlee or procter? all better bowlers (bar miller possibly) and all better batsmen (bar hadlee possibly - though personally if you look into their FC records i prefer hadlee the batsman ahead of pollock and imo hadlee is a far greater bowler than shaun).
You're absolutely right about Pollock. On second thoughts I'd put Procter and Imran ahead of him. My initial idea was to select an allrouder with exactly 50:50 batting/bowling capabilities, and only those 2 came to mind.

Regarding the spinners, I have a slight tendency to over glorify the past. Though I'd rate Laker among the very best. He has some outstanding records both in domestic (1944 wkts) and international matches, and should walk into any all time XIs.
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