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day trading can be stressful.
anyways today closed my fedex position with 49% gain. I again think they will have + surprise tomorrow but given how much the stock has ran, playing safe - locking in profits. I can always get back in albeit at higher price if rquired.

Don't laugh but opened tesla position. Doing pretty good so far. Will close quickly .. but i think if for some bad news tsla ever tanks massively , i would create long term position on it to hold over next 10 years. Electric vehicle and power storage is the shift next two decades... If you believe in science and the danger of global warming - this is a no brainer... this renewal clear energy shift wont happen in a year but over 2 decades - and tesla is the leading the way...

its just tesla is not a 500B company yet.. far from it. but i would add position at market cap of 100, 200, 300B.
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