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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
Yes, BD won because they played good cricket. Better team won. Isn't that obvious?
"The facts are this - Bangladesh has played played good, international cricket. West Indies has been poor batting and bowling. This is simple truth why BD are 2-0. Totally deserved."

Didn't you read this part?

Just a week ago, posters on here were ripping into SJ saying he was the worst HC ever. He should be sacked. He had to go. The BD team was humiliated in the Test matches and beaten into submission. Most people here said SJ had to be got rid of as he was useless....

...but two matches later and posters are now saying the opposite.

The fielding is poor, swift should be fired.. the bowling is bad, SJ should be fired... the team is losing SJ should be fired.. oh wait wait... scrub that.. now we have won they are brilliant.

The emotional volatility is quite remarkable and make absolutely no sense.

Why it's distressing in many ways is that the coaching staff are doing their level best to stop the ship lurching from disaster to disaster. SJ is a colleague of mine, as is Vib Singh, Grant Luden, Jason Swift and like Saqlain, are all professional coaches. The inconsistencies are on the field and not off it.

If you guys want some stability, then have SJ in the role for a prolonged period. But he has been thrust into the interim role to help out the team. I am guessing his input is limited and he will not be making major decisions at this point. However, it was distressing to hear calls for him to be sacked just because of the Test matches.

I think shuziburo is the real reason BD is winning
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