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You seem some what surprised by the result? Sounds like it seems, at least to you, as if it came out of no where? Or you think we are surprised by it? Well IDK about others, but I for one, expected a decent show in the ODI. Our ODI form is lot better than Test, it's even better at home (you of all people should know that, after experiencing the Banglawash from the yard). I expected nothing but fight and a series win. ESP where we'd left off in the Asia Cup.

That OP seems a bit vage and unclear. Yes, BD won because they played good cricket. Better team won. Isn't that obvious? Bangladesh has too many issues in the roots (not just in cricket). Isn't that old news? So I don't get it. What exactly are you trying to say? It's like you are saying "good job, but not really, but good job though" ... I'd love to know the changes you wanna see. Please elaborate.

Also, you are taking those 4 points too seriously. I know those points are currently going viral in the forum and they are sarcasms. I highly doubt anyone actually believes those.
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