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TigerFan, seems like you have hard time to differentiate between WWF type wrestiling and the wrestling which is played in summer olympic games..."There is a misunderstanding. They might have thought that it would be a tournament like WWF [World Wrestling Federation], but we can assure them there will be nothing like that because we are fully aware of our religious sentiments."

Personally I also dont like any kind of wrestling or any sport that physically attacks the opponent. But as Beamer and PoorFan told that the point is not "wrestling" itself here. It is women sports in general for which we raise our voice against some hedonic pompous fools who catagorically want women to cover in veil and lock them up in the kitchen. In a developing country like Bangladesh where women in these days are trying hard to take part and compete every aspect of our socio-economomic activities, we should not allow the Mullahs to come up with mouthfull of malignant fatwas against any women issue.

And no wonder it is your so called patriarchal manhood that makes you utter "wrestling is not for women". What is for women then? Ludo and carrum??

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