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I don't know guys, why the hell are u supporting this wrestling sports. Itz dangerous, and barbaric. It doesn't matter if women or men play it, itz just barbaric. I sometime see american wrestling, and see how much hatret (pretending or not) they pass to each other. Itz bad. Itz bad for mentality of people. The people who participate, including fans, doesn't look normal to me. They all look mentali handicap to me.

Now about women's wrestling in Bangladesh. I come from an educated family. In our family women are educated. So I know that wrestling is not for women. I am not a radical but from a educated and religious family. Not everything of men is for women, and vice versa. Surely women should participate in sports, but they could participate in different type of sports. I don't want to see my bengali sisters revealing thenselves in a barbaric sports. I usually don't support Islamic political parties in Bangladesh, because they do politics using Islam. But in this point, I do support them. This will not backen Bangladeshi women from progressing. Now still if you say that wrestling is for women, then will you answer this, will you be happy to see your mother, sister, wife or daughter to wear such a tight clothing and participate in such a sport like wrestling?

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