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Originally Posted by iDumb
You are really missing the point Al furqan.

When tax laws are meddled with it has to be in a way so it can be beneficial also to those who actually pay all the tax. The problems you bring up are not a tax revenue problem. It's an economic equal but separate problem that has gone down significantly over the years.

Do you know what 150K annual income gets you? Food on the plate when you have no other govt help and a penalizing tax system. These are not rich ppl.

My problem is with the progressive candidates running on platform to tax more of the ones who already pay almost all the taxes to provide for those that pay none despite enjoying all the infrastructure and entitled programs of USA. Is that a fair system? That's what you have to answer.

You want free health care.. Cough up a percentage of your pay. PURE AND SIMPLE. You want free college.. Pay a portion of your income. You can't have income, pay zero taxes, many cases get MONEY BACK from IRS and then also get everything else.
Top 20% also owns 87% of the wealth of the country so that’s fair.

If welfare is so great why don’t you quit your job and take it? Poor people would love to have your income and tax burden. That’s the bottom line.

The real problem is that tax burden is high on middle class because big corporations are using tax loopholes and lobbying.
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