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Originally Posted by Puck
1988 does seem like a long time ago though! Our typical breakfast used to be a half-boiled egg and perhaps one slice of untoasted bread. I did not start to appreciate the effect that toasting has on bread until I was in my very late teens! On Saturdays and Sundays we would have an omlette or fried eggs.

Moving to UK, everything in the above paragraph continued except we would have it all indoors and no Bangla Academy. I recall one occasion when we had luchi for breakfast in a coach bound for Geneva!

I like the sound of your curried beans. I turned vegetarian around 1995 so the sound of fried aubergine or pumpkins sound delicious!
1988,wow!!! That's the year I entered the world. Because of financial constraints, my parents would only buy a loaf of bread a month. So looking forward to bread and butter with soda was a treat me and my brothers really loved. And while playing cricket, during my teen years, my club would serve slices of bread with cream cheese and wash it down with a drink made with lime( we call it LIMEWASH).

The reason why most things here are curried is because of the large population of East Indians from West Bengal Region(Calcutta).

This is the Limewash:

This is the bread and butter,cheese:

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