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Congrats to the Kings. And, Cricman, I am sorry for the loss. Getting back is not going to be easy. I agree with you. Richards will get bought out perhaps. Nash is untradeable. Who knows what St.Louis has in the tank if he decides to come back. Boyle will probably leave. Is Pouilot an UFA? A lot of things have to fall in place to get back. You forget to mention Boston. They are always in the mix to represent the East and add Detroit + Habs who will get better. Lundqvist is a great goalie. I have never been more impressed by him than this season. You better start the thread next season since your team went the farthest here!

Draft + free Agency in next three weeks. After that its over for this season. And, what happened to our TO fans? Please, come back and especially Leafs PWN. I enjoy his stuff.

Bye now..
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