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Again too much minnow talk.
Miraz bhai, this would be true if:

a) there were no minnows
b) if bangladesh being relagated to second tier status evoked no respose (read: resistance) from us

this is not true. minnows are real, they are generally weaker sides, which means their bowling is generally weaker, and hence batting against them is easier, which leads to inflated averages and strike rates.

And when Ash was averaging 30!!?? He is averaging a mere 24.57 is his last 20 ODI innings.
average of 27.41 at a strike rate of 78.80 from 2005 natwest series onwards (23.69 runs per innings). this becomes 25.60 average, 73.68 strike rate against top 8 sides (further his average runs per innings is 23.90, higher than if you include minnows!)

so the 27.41 average is near enough to 30 in the context of the bangladeshi cricket standard. and either way far closer than bashar has managed at any significant point in his career.

for HB:

his average is 20.56 at a strike rate 57.04 against top 8 sides. and if you do runs/innings he averages 19.77. thus we have a guy close to 30 vs a guy closer to 20.

the difference in average is 4.13 runs per innings, in favor of MA, at a SR which is fully 40% higher.

in conclusion, i fully agree and appreciate what the point of the thread was - to show that ash's stats are utterly unacceptable. however, i am also saying, not necessarily to you, Miraz bhai, that comparing the two batsmen is light comparing the heat of noon with the coolness of dusk.
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