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Dear Gladiator I am really sorry for you. I know how you feel because i had to hear the same thing when I was doing my masters. My dad was diagnosed with Lungs cancer in Thailand but prior to that he had the misfortune of going to Apollo Hospital in Bangladesh where the doctor told him he has a respiratory virus when he complained of coughing all the time. So with all due respect to Bangladeshi doctors, I personally cannot put my faith in them anymore. I also think the situation might not be as bad as the doctors told you and you might hear more positive news from a doctor abroad.

Bamrungrad is the top private hospital in Thailand and probably the most renowed among international patients but there are many other cheaper options which might not have the posh looks but could provide the treatment that is necessary. If you want to know more please pm me and I will try to provide details of more hospitals in thailand which might be cheaper.

stay strong bro
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