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Just ghore dukhlaam. I am very grateful to all of you for offering up a prayer or wishing my father well. I hope you will continue to think of him because his news isn't good.

We sat down with an oncologist today - my father has rectal cancer and on the dukes system it is a grade III - so it is unfortunately advanced. The cancer has spread to lymph nodes around his groin and also 1-2 places in his stomach.

The main tumor itself is quite low in his rectum and is starting to obstruct, so unfortunately his rectal passage will have to be removed and for what time Allah has in mind for him, he will have to use a colostomy bag

Doctor was very pessimistic and said 'apnader financial ability thaakle take him to

-TATA memorial in India
-Bumrungrad in Thailand
-MT Elizabeth in Singapore

Even then he said he has 18-24 months left, 3 years max.

Kichu bujhte paarchina - sorry, this isn't my blog - baba-ke kibhabe ki bolbo.

Kaal United Hospital-e giye ekta second opinion nibo and then probably start working on paperwork and costs for Thailand.

Not sure when I'll get back online here - but I am selfish and I hope you guys will continue to pray for my baba. He's too young to die
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