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Originally Posted by Fazal
So from when you are the sole representative of 150 millon people and lecturing me about 150 millions people? You represnt yourself and nothing more nothing less. I do the same.

We may agree with each other's point or disagree, no point to bring out of context topics to divert the discussion here (from where you qouted me). To make the point clear, no one is justifying the wrongdoing of the past elected goverments here, nor anyone is supporting past corruption here. Thats doen't mean we need to close our eyes if we see somting (potentially) wrong with the current gov., plus that also doesn't mean that potentially) wrong will all cancell out all positive done by the current gov.

Again I come here to have a meaningful discussion here not to vent our personal frustration and talk meaning less and out of conmtext discusiion here .If you need some one to vent your frustration, then please find some one else.

well sed
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