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Originally Posted by Fazal
Thanks for pointing that out. And I cannot with my own ethical value (whatever it may be) can close my eyes and say its ok to do so... because its not. To me just to say people are guilty in public's eye and therefore 'torture' is ok to them is not going to fly in my logic my friend... sorry... I wish I could agree....because I have no porblem punishing a convicted corrupt..... but I cannot agree these short-cut methods .... specially witnessing these short-cut methods in USA after 9/11....sorry.

As you asked me to suggest some sort of mechanism by by which justice can be delivered without raising any question regarding transparency, human rights, let me point it out first that I am no expert in that aspect.

However I would assume if they had the paper trail of money transfered, that should be the way to go. Nailing down a currupt is not a easy way my friend, it needs dedication, patience, time and hard work to track them down with concrete evidence, there is no short cut, even if that means suspect may go away with the crime at short term. Looks like to me the current government along with their suppeortes are following towards that pitfall...which cannot bring good things in long run in my opinion. There is always a tendency in our society to go for short-cut... and that is killing us... it did in the past... looks like it may continue to do so.

If you don't have respect for law and order and justice... how you enforce law and order... breaking law and order so that you can punish corrupt... doesn't make sense to me.
Fazal, you make some really good points here. You take a moral stand on this and nobody can argue with that, but I think that what works for US does not necessarily work for Bangladesh. Our political and bureaucratic system is full of corruption. Our system is basically in a standstill where nothing works properly. Everybody thinks they can get away by committing a crime. Even if they are caught they can get out on bail and make the trial runs for years!!!

Whereas in US, you will be fined for running a red light. My point is that rules are enforced in US/developed countries, so most people don't even think about breaking law because they know they will be caught. Once, they are caught, justice is served quite quickly. A strong law and order system creates a fear among people. This component of fear is necessary to maintain law and order properly. The question is how do we go about establishing a proper and efficient system in Bangladesh.

I think the CTG is going after the biggest offenders (untouchables) and trying to show that no one can get away by committing corruption. I don't know what interrogation techniques should be allowed, the interrogators need some tools to create pressure on these criminals to extract the truth. As long as these torture techniques are not inhumane , I am OK with it morally. I don't think they are committing inhumane torture similar to Gitmo because we get to see the criminals in court every couple of days.

In terms of torture, I don't support torture. But I have no sympathy for all the politicians who are talking about torture now, because they did not do anything about it when they in power, instead they used it for their purpose.

One more thing, I think the CTG is going really fast with the anti corruption drive because they know that if they don't finish the job then the job will never be done!
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