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Why was only interrogation audio released? where is the video?

Anyway we never had a system or administration that was honest,transparent and just in our country. So it is kind of wasting our time and energy to interfere in the war between the old political parties and this new thing. Who cares if someone gets hot water up his rear, as long as the people gets clean water at their homes and rivers. I don't care if some guy is given electric shocks as long as the citizens get electricity without interruption.

Our first concern and objective should be to restore the basic needs of our people: food, home/safety,education and jobs without harassment and extortion and to achieve that we need these people out of our system and have their money back into our banks and make sure the news once cannot do the same as the past ones. So does not matter how it is done.

We are all talking about the treatment of these high profile individuals, what about the thousands of regular people put to jail for petty crimes and in some cases innocent spending time in jail for no reason what so ever?
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