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Well it’s your choice what you term garbage or not ... and I agree each individual have every right to discount claims that 'torture happened' without any proof. I make my judgment... you do yours... there is no further argument there.

But from my point of view, after geting information from multiple credible source according to my judgment (including the close relative of an Army officer, who was in charge) I have no doubt in my mind that Tarek Zia was tortured (if you consider pushing hot water by his rear is considered torture) as well as his friend Mamun (by other means also).

Regarding Jalil and Selim, there were also claims from few sources that collaborate similar claim (Jalil-revolving chair and Selim - electric shock and other). However I am not as s100% sure as the other two cases. I use my common sense here: after taken to question, suddenly people start speaking the truth that incriminates not himself but his close one…. that doesn’t make sense. Those “goody-goody interrogation” where they suddenly open up their mouth tactics is not new in human history… its happened lot of cases… it happened in hostage cases…it happened in prisoner cases…. And when they are free …. Story changes and the accusation of torture comes up. So just listening to the interrogation itself, I can neither say nor deny that either ‘torture’ was used or not before that. It’s silly to say one way or other. You need other sources to verify that. But based on the symptoms and the approach the army is taking (all other sources), I am kind of disapointed and kind of little scared about their long term master plan that are in the rumor mill for a while now.

No body is denying the evilness of these four people discussed above. And punishing them for their crime is not the issue to me... its micro analysis... however my concern is one step top... in the macro level...I am kind of disappointed these kind of shoddy cases they are bringing and the ways and means they are doing it.... I see long term bigger consequence for these short cut methods... and unfortunately the people will have to suffer further for these mistakes done again and looks like some of us are supporting/ignoring these issues and more focused on individual micro level and not seeing the bigger picture.

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