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Originally Posted by Ajfar
That don’t mean much, people still will have garbage to throw away.

This is what I told myself after I invested in the matket the first few years. I’m not going to become rich investing in the market. I don’t have time or the understanding to be able to keep up with the market everyday or even every week to buy and sell continuously and react to every news. All I want is a continuous source of income that will grow over time. I can’t freak out over shake ups in the market and react suddenly. I followed writing from dividend investors in seeking alpha to understand how they have been running their portfolio. Long story short, the first year I started I got about 500-600 in dividend that I reinvested, I think I’ll be up to around 2,500 in total dividend by the end of this year. My overall portfolio was doing pretty well before the Dec crash. InshAllah the goal is to add one or two stocks every year if possible. I have a lot more left to learn, the people I read about in seeking alpha they follow a very strict set of rules.
When you buy a stock, you should (which I think you do), consider the business first. If you trust the business by analysing the fundamentals and Governance of the respective stock you invest in, you should make market movements irrelevant. When you think that a stock has reached your intrinsic value, you should just get out (of course you can always come back when it's below your perceived value).

In terms of waste management inc, and other similar businesses, in recession people waste less, as they become more cautious on spending. You are right people will still have garbage to throw away. This cautious approach by people not wasting much during time of recession, does have impact on the profit, resulting in stock price decline. If you see, most waste disposal companies reached peak/thrived during the start of last recession, it could be a sign, that we are heading that route again. But I don't know when the recession will hit, can't put a time frame to it.
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