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Originally Posted by iDumb
you are one lazy dude. Do some reasearch bro and present it to us. Everyone knows levis is a century old company. What is the current fashion trend? Blue jeans fell out of fashion over last couple of decades... 80s to 90s was where it was at.. But i think recently picked up. there are other companies that cater to the market. American eagle outfitters, True religion, Diesal etc etc. how are they doing.

And why all of a sudden Levis plan to IPO and raise cash instead of throwing their private money. Obviously there is an expansion plan. Otherwise more than century old company should be a dividend aristrocat (like cocacola - u buy for dividend pay not for growth).

maybe it's a good buy maybe it's not. But we should know ins and outs of it. That's how i can judge if the plan they have with the money raised sound like a good idea or not. Looks like one of their plan is that they are planning to have u design ur own jeans with their logo on it. Will this translate to higher sales? or do ppl prefer actual professional designer and buy diesal instead

they are the number 1 selling jeans company in the world. It's a 100+ years old company and wants to ipo to get ur money now to pay for whatever the hell they wanna do to rebrand themselves.

“One of the company’s growth strategies is to expand into countries like India,” Chip said in an interview. “Our business could be twice the size of what it is now in the next five years. Investments in e-commerce and retail will help us do that.”

If they successfully penetrate the indian market, that would be crazy. They already have some stores there (they are performing really well). I don't look into fundamentals too much, investing is way more then that. Fundamentals just helps you to gauge a company's health. The rest is mostly out side of box thinking, and trying to work out the intrinsic value of the shares. Just a matter of knowing the future cash inflow/outflow - the most difficult part of investment.
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