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Kool kool. You are hired. You are No. 10.

Now, wait for your PM.


Chicago Bulls -
Owner: Sam Zell, Equity Group Investments
Manager: Night Wolf
HG: Wrigley Field
Sponsors: US Cellular

Toronto Tyrants -
Owner: Rogers Communications
Manager: ATMR
HG: King City, Toront
Sponsors: Air Canada

Boston Celtics -
Owner - Mark Wahlberg
Manager: Ajfar
HG: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough
Sponsors: BJ's Wholesale Club

Miami Heat -
Owner: Micky Arison, Miami Heat
Manager: Nadim
HG: Burger King

LA Kings -
Owner: Eli Board, The Board Foundation
Manager: Maysun
HG: LA Memorial Coliseum
Sponsors: Staples

Texas Cowboys -
Owner - Sandra Bullock, Cowboys
Manager: Doctor Zuanid Kazi
HG: Texas Memorial Stadium
Sponsors: AT&T

New York Rangers -
Owner: Michael Bloomberg
Manager: MohammedC
HG: Red House Cricket Ground, Harlem
Sponsors: E*Trade

San Francisco Sharks -
Owner: Larry Page, Google
Manager: Sohel_NR
HG: Candlestick Park
Sponsors: Google

Seattle Mariners -
Owner: Suncor Energy
Manager: Tonoy
HG: CenturyLink Field
Sponsors: Microsoft

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